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Standing (a.) Established by law, custom, or the like; settled; continually existing; permanent; not temporary; as, a standing army; legislative bodies have standing rules of proceeding and standing committees.
Standing (a.) Not flowing; stagnant; as, standing water.
Standing (a.) Not movable; fixed; as, a standing bed (distinguished from a trundle-bed).
Standing (a.) Not transitory; not liable to fade or vanish; lasting; as, a standing color.
Standing (a.) Remaining erect; not cut down; as, standing corn.
Standing (n.) Condition in society; relative position; reputation; rank; as, a man of good standing, or of high standing.
Standing (n.) Maintenance of position; duration; duration or existence in the same place or condition; continuance; as, a custom of long standing; an officer of long standing.
Standing (n.) Place to stand in; station; stand.
Standing (n.) The act of stopping, or coming to a stand; the state of being erect upon the feet; stand.
Standing (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Stand
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