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Still - Synonyms and Antonyms
Synonyms: Motionless, Calm, Peaceful, Serene, Stagnant, Quiet, Stationary, Pacific
Antonyms: Moving, Flowing, Excited, Disturbed, Troubled, Agitated, Running, Flustered
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Still (a.) After that; after what is stated.
Still (a.) In an increasing or additional degree; even more; -- much used with comparatives.
Still (a.) In continuation by successive or repeated acts; always; ever; constantly; uniformly.
Still (a.) In the future as now and before.
Still (a.) Notwithstanding what has been said or done; in spite of what has occured; nevertheless; -- sometimes used as a conjunction. See Synonym of But.
Still (a.) To appease; to calm; to quiet, as tumult, agitation, or excitement; as, to still the passions.
Still (a.) To stop, as motion or agitation; to cause to become quiet, or comparatively quiet; to check the agitation of; as, to still the raging sea.
Still (a.) To stop, as noise; to silence.
Still (a.) To this time; until and during the time now present; now no less than before; yet.
Still (adv.) Comparatively quiet or silent; soft; gentle; low.
Still (adv.) Constant; continual.
Still (adv.) Motionless; at rest; quiet; as, to stand still; to lie or sit still.
Still (adv.) Not disturbed by noise or agitation; quiet; calm; as, a still evening; a still atmosphere.
Still (adv.) Not effervescing; not sparkling; as, still wines.
Still (adv.) Uttering no sound; silent; as, the audience is still; the animals are still.
Still (n.) A steep hill or ascent.
Still (n.) Freedom from noise; calm; silence; as, the still of midnight.
Still (v. i.) To drop, or flow in drops; to distill.
Still (v. t.) To cause to fall by drops.
Still (v. t.) To expel spirit from by heat, or to evaporate and condense in a refrigeratory; to distill.
Still (v.) A house where liquors are distilled; a distillery.
Still (v.) A vessel, boiler, or copper used in the distillation of liquids; specifically, one used for the distillation of alcoholic liquors; a retort. The name is sometimes applied to the whole apparatus used in in vaporization and condensation.
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