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Straddle (n.) A stock option giving the holder the double privilege of a "put" and a "call," i. e., securing to the buyer of the option the right either to demand of the seller at a certain price, within a certain time, certain securities, or to require him to take at
Straddle (n.) The act of standing, sitting, or walking, with the feet far apart.
Straddle (n.) The position, or the distance between the feet, of one who straddles; as, a wide straddle.
Straddle (v. i.) To part the legs wide; to stand or to walk with the legs far apart.
Straddle (v. i.) To stand with the ends staggered; -- said of the spokes of a wagon wheel where they join the hub.
Straddle (v. t.) To place one leg on one side and the other on the other side of; to stand or sit astride of; as, to straddle a fence or a horse.
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