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Strut (a.) Protuberant.
Strut (n.) Any part of a machine or structure, of which the principal function is to hold things apart; a brace subjected to compressive stress; -- the opposite of stay, and tie.
Strut (n.) In general, any piece of a frame which resists thrust or pressure in the direction of its own length. See Brace, and Illust. of Frame, and Roof.
Strut (n.) The act of strutting; a pompous step or walk.
Strut (v. t.) To hold apart. Cf. Strut, n., 3.
Strut (v. t.) To swell; to bulge out.
Strut (v. t.) To walk with a lofty, proud gait, and erect head; to walk with affected dignity.
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