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Submissive - Synonyms and Antonyms
Synonyms: Abject, Accommodating, Acquiescent, Amenable, Complaint, Deferential, Docile, Dutiful, Humble, Obedient, Passive, Plaint, Tractable, Unresisting
Antonyms: Awkward, Difficult, Disobedient, Head strong, Intractable, Obstinate, Stubborn, Uncooperative, Unyielding
Submissive - Meaning from English-Bangla Dictionary
Pronunciation (উচ্চারন শুনুন)
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Submissive (a.) Inclined or ready to submit; acknowledging one's inferiority; yielding; obedient; humble.
Submissive (a.) Showing a readiness to submit; expressing submission; as, a submissive demeanor.
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