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Suppress - Synonyms and Antonyms
Synonyms: Subdue, Overpower, Bridle, Quash, Restrain, Quell, Check, Moderate, Repress, Impede
Antonyms: Inflame, Encourage, Incite, Promote, Stimulate, Spread, Gee up, Excite, Provoke, Agitate, Kindle
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Suppress (v. t.) To keep in; to restrain from utterance or vent; as, to suppress the voice; to suppress a smile.
Suppress (v. t.) To overpower and crush; to subdue; to put down; to quell.
Suppress (v. t.) To retain without disclosure; to conceal; not to reveal; to prevent publication of; as, to suppress evidence; to suppress a pamphlet; to suppress the truth.
Suppress (v. t.) To stop; to restrain; to arrest the discharges of; as, to suppress a diarrhea, or a hemorrhage.
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