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Surfeit (n.) Disgust caused by excess; satiety.
Surfeit (n.) Excess in eating and drinking.
Surfeit (n.) Fullness and oppression of the system, occasioned often by excessive eating and drinking.
Surfeit (v. i.) To indulge to satiety in any gratification.
Surfeit (v. i.) To load the stomach with food, so that sickness or uneasiness ensues; to eat to excess.
Surfeit (v. t.) To feed so as to oppress the stomach and derange the function of the system; to overfeed, and produce satiety, sickness, or uneasiness; -- often reflexive; as, to surfeit one's self with sweets.
Surfeit (v. t.) To fill to satiety and disgust; to cloy; as, he surfeits us with compliments.
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