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Swarm (n.) A large number or mass of small animals or insects, especially when in motion.
Swarm (n.) Especially, a great number of honeybees which emigrate from a hive at once, and seek new lodgings under the direction of a queen; a like body of bees settled permanently in a hive.
Swarm (n.) Hence, any great number or multitude, as of people in motion, or sometimes of inanimate objects; as, a swarm of meteorites.
Swarm (v. i.) To abound; to be filled (with).
Swarm (v. i.) To appear or collect in a crowd; to throng together; to congregate in a multitude.
Swarm (v. i.) To be crowded; to be thronged with a multitude of beings in motion.
Swarm (v. i.) To breed multitudes.
Swarm (v. i.) To climb a tree, pole, or the like, by embracing it with the arms and legs alternately. See Shin.
Swarm (v. i.) To collect, and depart from a hive by flight in a body; -- said of bees; as, bees swarm in warm, clear days in summer.
Swarm (v. t.) To crowd or throng.
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