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Talk (n.) Report; rumor; as, to hear talk of war.
Talk (n.) Subject of discourse; as, his achievment is the talk of the town.
Talk (n.) The act of talking; especially, familiar converse; mutual discourse; that which is uttered, especially in familiar conversation, or the mutual converse of two or more.
Talk (n.) To confer; to reason; to consult.
Talk (n.) To prate; to speak impertinently.
Talk (n.) To utter words; esp., to converse familiarly; to speak, as in familiar discourse, when two or more persons interchange thoughts.
Talk (v. t.) To cause to be or become by talking.
Talk (v. t.) To consume or spend in talking; -- often followed by away; as, to talk away an evening.
Talk (v. t.) To deliver in talking; to speak; to utter; to make a subject of conversation; as, to talk nonsense; to talk politics.
Talk (v. t.) To speak freely; to use for conversing or communicating; as, to talk French.
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