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Temperament (v. t.) A system of compromises in the tuning of organs, pianofortes, and the like, whereby the tones generated with the vibrations of a ground tone are mutually modified and in part canceled, until their number reduced to the actual practicable scale of twelve t
Temperament (v. t.) Condition with regard to heat or cold; temperature.
Temperament (v. t.) Due mixture of qualities; a condition brought about by mutual compromises or concessions.
Temperament (v. t.) Internal constitution; state with respect to the relative proportion of different qualities, or constituent parts.
Temperament (v. t.) The act of tempering or modifying; adjustment, as of clashing rules, interests, passions, or the like; also, the means by which such adjustment is effected.
Temperament (v. t.) The peculiar physical and mental character of an individual, in olden times erroneously supposed to be due to individual variation in the relations and proportions of the constituent parts of the body, especially of the fluids, as the bile, blood, lymph,
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