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Tight () of Tie
Tight () p. p. of Tie.
Tight (superl.) Close, so as not to admit the passage of a liquid or other fluid; not leaky; as, a tight ship; a tight cask; a tight room; -- often used in this sense as the second member of a compound; as, water-tight; air-tight.
Tight (superl.) Close; parsimonious; saving; as, a man tight in his dealings.
Tight (superl.) Firmly held together; compact; not loose or open; as, tight cloth; a tight knot.
Tight (superl.) Fitting close, or too close, to the body; as, a tight coat or other garment.
Tight (superl.) Handy; adroit; brisk.
Tight (superl.) Not ragged; whole; neat; tidy.
Tight (superl.) Not slack or loose; firmly stretched; taut; -- applied to a rope, chain, or the like, extended or stretched out.
Tight (superl.) Pressing; stringent; not easy; firmly held; dear; -- said of money or the money market. Cf. Easy, 7.
Tight (superl.) Somewhat intoxicated; tipsy.
Tight (v. t.) To tighten.
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