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Tiller (n.) A lever of wood or metal fitted to the rudder head and used for turning side to side in steering. In small boats hand power is used; in large vessels, the tiller is moved by means of mechanical appliances. See Illust. of Rudder. Cf. 2d Helm, 1.
Tiller (n.) A shoot of a plant, springing from the root or bottom of the original stalk; a sucker.
Tiller (n.) A small drawer; a till.
Tiller (n.) A sprout or young tree that springs from a root or stump.
Tiller (n.) A young timber tree.
Tiller (n.) The handle of anything.
Tiller (n.) The stalk, or handle, of a crossbow; also, sometimes, the bow itself.
Tiller (v. i.) To put forth new shoots from the root, or round the bottom of the original stalk; as, wheat or rye tillers; some spread plants by tillering.
Tiller (v. t.) One who tills; a husbandman; a cultivator; a plowman.
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