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Trail (n.) A footpath or road track through a wilderness or wild region; as, an Indian trail over the plains.
Trail (n.) A frame for trailing plants; a trellis.
Trail (n.) A track left by man or beast; a track followed by the hunter; a scent on the ground by the animal pursued; as, a deer trail.
Trail (n.) Anything drawn along, as a vehicle.
Trail (n.) Anything drawn behind in long undulations; a train.
Trail (n.) Anything drawn out to a length; as, the trail of a meteor; a trail of smoke.
Trail (n.) That part of the stock of a gun carriage which rests on the ground when the piece is unlimbered. See Illust. of Gun carriage, under Gun.
Trail (n.) The act of taking advantage of the ignorance of a person; an imposition.
Trail (n.) The entrails of a fowl, especially of game, as the woodcock, and the like; -- applied also, sometimes, to the entrails of sheep.
Trail (v. i.) To be drawn out in length; to follow after.
Trail (v. i.) To grow to great length, especially when slender and creeping upon the ground, as a plant; to run or climb.
Trail (v. t.) To carry, as a firearm, with the breech near the ground and the upper part inclined forward, the piece being held by the right hand near the middle.
Trail (v. t.) To draw or drag, as along the ground.
Trail (v. t.) To hunt by the track; to track.
Trail (v. t.) To take advantage of the ignorance of; to impose upon.
Trail (v. t.) To tread down, as grass, by walking through it; to lay flat.
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