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Tread (n.) A bruise or abrasion produced on the foot or ankle of a horse that interferes. See Interfere, 3.
Tread (n.) A step or stepping; pressure with the foot; a footstep; as, a nimble tread; a cautious tread.
Tread (n.) Manner or style of stepping; action; gait; as, the horse has a good tread.
Tread (n.) The act of copulation in birds.
Tread (n.) The chalaza of a bird's egg; the treadle.
Tread (n.) The part of a rail upon which car wheels bear.
Tread (n.) The part of a wheel that bears upon the road or rail.
Tread (n.) The top of the banquette, on which soldiers stand to fire over the parapet.
Tread (n.) The upper horizontal part of a step, on which the foot is placed.
Tread (n.) Way; track; path.
Tread (v. i.) To copulate; said of birds, esp. the males.
Tread (v. i.) To set the foot; to step.
Tread (v. i.) To walk or go; especially, to walk with a stately or a cautious step.
Tread (v. t.) To beat or press with the feet; as, to tread a path; to tread land when too light; a well-trodden path.
Tread (v. t.) To copulate with; to feather; to cover; -- said of the male bird.
Tread (v. t.) To crush under the foot; to trample in contempt or hatred; to subdue.
Tread (v. t.) To go through or accomplish by walking, dancing, or the like.
Tread (v. t.) To step or walk on.
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