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Upset - Synonyms and Antonyms
Synonyms: Disturb, Disorder, Spoil, Agitate, Dismay, Grieve, Perturb, Trouble, Disconcert, Disrupt
Antonyms: Soothe, Calm, Relieve, Relax
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Upset (a.) Set up; fixed; determined; -- used chiefly or only in the phrase upset price; that is, the price fixed upon as the minimum for property offered in a public sale, or, in an auction, the price at which property is set up or started by the auctioneer, and th
Upset (n.) The act of upsetting, or the state of being upset; an overturn; as, the wagon had an upset.
Upset (v. i.) To become upset.
Upset (v. t.) To disturb the self-possession of; to disorder the nerves of; to make ill; as, the fright upset her.
Upset (v. t.) To overturn, overthrow, or overset; as, to upset a carriage; to upset an argument.
Upset (v. t.) To set up; to put upright.
Upset (v. t.) To shorten (a tire) in the process of resetting, originally by cutting it and hammering on the ends.
Upset (v. t.) To thicken and shorten, as a heated piece of iron, by hammering on the end.
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