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Urge (v. i.) To be pressing in argument; to insist; to persist.
Urge (v. i.) To press onward or forward.
Urge (v. t.) To present in an urgent manner; to press upon attention; to insist upon; as, to urge an argument; to urge the necessity of a case.
Urge (v. t.) To press hard upon; to follow closely
Urge (v. t.) To press the mind or will of; to ply with motives, arguments, persuasion, or importunity.
Urge (v. t.) To press; to push; to drive; to impel; to force onward.
Urge (v. t.) To provoke; to exasperate.
Urge (v. t.) To treat with forcible means; to take severe or violent measures with; as, to urge an ore with intense heat.
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