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Ventilate (v. t.) To change or renew, as the air of a room.
Ventilate (v. t.) To give vent; to utter; to make public.
Ventilate (v. t.) To open and expose to the free passage of air; to supply with fresh air, and remove impure air from; to air; as, to ventilate a room; to ventilate a cellar; to ventilate a mine.
Ventilate (v. t.) To provide with a vent, or escape, for air, gas, etc.; as, to ventilate a mold, or a water-wheel bucket.
Ventilate (v. t.) To sift and examine; to bring out, and subject to penetrating scrutiny; to expose to examination and discussion; as, to ventilate questions of policy.
Ventilate (v. t.) To winnow; to fan; as, to ventilate wheat.
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