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Warrant (n.) A precept issued by a magistrate authorizing an officer to make an arrest, a seizure, or a search, or do other acts incident to the administration of justice.
Warrant (n.) A writing which authorizes a person to receive money or other thing.
Warrant (n.) An official certificate of appointment issued to an officer of lower rank than a commissioned officer. See Warrant officer, below.
Warrant (n.) Right; legality; allowance.
Warrant (n.) That which attests or proves; a voucher.
Warrant (n.) That which vouches or insures for anything; guaranty; security.
Warrant (n.) That which warrants or authorizes; a commission giving authority, or justifying the doing of anything; an act, instrument, or obligation, by which one person authorizes another to do something which he has not otherwise a right to do; an act or instrument
Warrant (n.) To assure, as a thing sold, to the purchaser; that is, to engage that the thing is what it appears, or is represented, to be, which implies a covenant to make good any defect or loss incurred by it.
Warrant (n.) To give a warrant or warranty to; to assure as if by giving a warrant to.
Warrant (n.) To make secure; to give assurance against harm; to guarantee safety to; to give authority or power to do, or forbear to do, anything by which the person authorized is secured, or saved harmless, from any loss or damage by his action.
Warrant (n.) To secure to, as a grantee, an estate granted; to assure.
Warrant (n.) To secure to, as a purchaser of goods, the title to the same; to indemnify against loss.
Warrant (n.) To secure to, as a purchaser, the quality or quantity of the goods sold, as represented. See Warranty, n., 2.
Warrant (n.) To support by authority or proof; to justify; to maintain; to sanction; as, reason warrants it.
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