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Whittle (n.) A grayish, coarse double blanket worn by countrywomen, in the west of England, over the shoulders, like a cloak or shawl.
Whittle (n.) A knife; esp., a pocket, sheath, or clasp knife.
Whittle (n.) Same as Whittle shawl, below.
Whittle (v. i.) To cut or shape a piece of wood with am small knife; to cut up a piece of wood with a knife.
Whittle (v. t.) To edge; to sharpen; to render eager or excited; esp., to excite with liquor; to inebriate.
Whittle (v. t.) To pare or cut off the surface of with a small knife; to cut or shape, as a piece of wood held in the hand, with a clasp knife or pocketknife.
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