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Wicked - Synonyms and Antonyms
Synonyms: Iniquitous, Criminal, Vile, Villainous, Corrupt, Evil, Immoral, Bad, Heinous, Sinful
Antonyms: Virtuous, Benevolent, Ethical, Honorable, Noble, Incorrupt, Chaste, Moral, Upright
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Wicked (a.) Cursed; baneful; hurtful; bad; pernicious; dangerous.
Wicked (a.) Evil in principle or practice; deviating from morality; contrary to the moral or divine law; addicted to vice or sin; sinful; immoral; profligate; -- said of persons and things; as, a wicked king; a wicked woman; a wicked deed; wicked designs.
Wicked (a.) Having a wick; -- used chiefly in composition; as, a two-wicked lamp.
Wicked (a.) Ludicrously or sportively mischievous; disposed to mischief; roguish.
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