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Wire (n.) A telegraph wire or cable; hence, an electric telegraph; as, to send a message by wire.
Wire (n.) A thread or slender rod of metal; a metallic substance formed to an even thread by being passed between grooved rollers, or drawn through holes in a plate of steel.
Wire (v. i.) To pass like a wire; to flow in a wirelike form, or in a tenuous stream.
Wire (v. i.) To send a telegraphic message.
Wire (v. t.) To bind with wire; to attach with wires; to apply wire to; as, to wire corks in bottling liquors.
Wire (v. t.) To put upon a wire; as, to wire beads.
Wire (v. t.) To send (a message) by telegraph.
Wire (v. t.) To snare by means of a wire or wires.
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