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Witness (v. i.) Attestation of a fact or an event; testimony.
Witness (v. i.) One who is cognizant; a person who beholds, or otherwise has personal knowledge of, anything; as, an eyewitness; an earwitness.
Witness (v. i.) One who sees the execution of an instrument, and subscribes it for the purpose of confirming its authenticity by his testimony; one who witnesses a will, a deed, a marriage, or the like.
Witness (v. i.) One who testifies in a cause, or gives evidence before a judicial tribunal; as, the witness in court agreed in all essential facts.
Witness (v. i.) That which furnishes evidence or proof.
Witness (v. i.) To bear testimony; to give evidence; to testify.
Witness (v. t.) To give testimony to; to testify to; to attest.
Witness (v. t.) To see or know by personal presence; to have direct cognizance of.
Witness (v. t.) To see the execution of, as an instrument, and subscribe it for the purpose of establishing its authenticity; as, to witness a bond or a deed.
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