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Word (n.) A brief remark or observation; an expression; a phrase, clause, or short sentence.
Word (n.) Account; tidings; message; communication; information; -- used only in the singular.
Word (n.) Hence, the written or printed character, or combination of characters, expressing such a term; as, the words on a page.
Word (n.) Language considered as implying the faith or authority of the person who utters it; statement; affirmation; declaration; promise.
Word (n.) Signal; order; command; direction.
Word (n.) Talk; discourse; speech; language.
Word (n.) The spoken sign of a conception or an idea; an articulate or vocal sound, or a combination of articulate and vocal sounds, uttered by the human voice, and by custom expressing an idea or ideas; a single component part of human speech or language; a consti
Word (n.) Verbal contention; dispute.
Word (v. i.) To use words, as in discussion; to argue; to dispute.
Word (v. t.) To express in words; to phrase.
Word (v. t.) To flatter with words; to cajole.
Word (v. t.) To ply with words; also, to cause to be by the use of a word or words.
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