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Wring (n.) A writhing, as in anguish; a twisting; a griping.
Wring (v. i.) To writhe; to twist, as with anguish.
Wring (v. t.) Hence, to pain; to distress; to torment; to torture.
Wring (v. t.) To bend or strain out of its position; as, to wring a mast.
Wring (v. t.) To distort; to pervert; to wrest.
Wring (v. t.) To extract or obtain by twisting and compressing; to squeeze or press (out); hence, to extort; to draw forth by violence, or against resistance or repugnance; -- usually with out or form.
Wring (v. t.) To subject to extortion; to afflict, or oppress, in order to enforce compliance.
Wring (v. t.) To twist and compress; to turn and strain with violence; to writhe; to squeeze hard; to pinch; as, to wring clothes in washing.
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