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Accept - Synonyms and Antonyms
Synonyms: Believe, Take, Assent, Agree, Honor, Admit, Confirm
Antonyms: Disbelieve, Refuse, Reject, Disagree, Non-consent
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Accept (a.) Accepted.
Accept (v. t.) In a deliberate body, to receive in acquittance of a duty imposed; as, to accept the report of a committee. [This makes it the property of the body, and the question is then on its adoption.]
Accept (v. t.) To receive as obligatory and promise to pay; as, to accept a bill of exchange.
Accept (v. t.) To receive or admit and agree to; to assent to; as, I accept your proposal, amendment, or excuse.
Accept (v. t.) To receive with a consenting mind (something offered); as, to accept a gift; -- often followed by of.
Accept (v. t.) To receive with favor; to approve.
Accept (v. t.) To take by the mind; to understand; as, How are these words to be accepted?
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