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Refuse - Synonyms and Antonyms
Synonyms: Veto, Renounce, Withhold, Decline, Exclude, Deny, Repudiate
Antonyms: Acquiesce, Agree, Grant, Cede, Admit, Accede, Assent, Allow
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Refuse (a.) Refused; rejected; hence; left as unworthy of acceptance; of no value; worthless.
Refuse (n.) Refusal.
Refuse (n.) That which is refused or rejected as useless; waste or worthless matter.
Refuse (v. i.) To deny compliance; not to comply.
Refuse (v. t.) To decline to accept; to reject; to deny the request or petition of; as, to refuse a suitor.
Refuse (v. t.) To deny, as a request, demand, invitation, or command; to decline to do or grant.
Refuse (v. t.) To disown.
Refuse (v. t.) To throw back, or cause to keep back (as the center, a wing, or a flank), out of the regular aligment when troops ar/ about to engage the enemy; as, to refuse the right wing while the left wing attacks.
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