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Deny - Synonyms and Antonyms
Synonyms: Contradict, Disagree with, Disprove, Oppose, Rebuff, Rebut, Refute, Refuse, Begrudge, Decline, Disallow, Forbid, Reject, Veto, Abjure
Antonyms: Accept, Acknowledge, Admit, Affirm, Agree, Allow, Concede, Confirm, Recognize, Grant, Let, Permit, Receive
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Deny (v. i.) To answer in /// negative; to declare an assertion not to be true.
Deny (v. t.) To declare not to be true; to gainsay; to contradict; -- opposed to affirm, allow, or admit.
Deny (v. t.) To disclaim connection with, responsibility for, and the like; to refuse to acknowledge; to disown; to abjure; to disavow.
Deny (v. t.) To refuse (to do something or to accept something); to reject; to decline; to renounce.
Deny (v. t.) To refuse to grant; to withhold; to refuse to gratify or yield to; as, to deny a request.
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