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Alloy (v. t.) A baser metal mixed with a finer.
Alloy (v. t.) Admixture of anything which lessens the value or detracts from; as, no happiness is without alloy.
Alloy (v. t.) Any combination or compound of metals fused together; a mixture of metals; for example, brass, which is an alloy of copper and zinc. But when mercury is one of the metals, the compound is called an amalgam.
Alloy (v. t.) The quality, or comparative purity, of gold or silver; fineness.
Alloy (v. t.) To abate, impair, or debase by mixture; to allay; as, to alloy pleasure with misfortunes.
Alloy (v. t.) To form a metallic compound.
Alloy (v. t.) To mix, as metals, so as to form a compound.
Alloy (v. t.) To reduce the purity of by mixing with a less valuable substance; as, to alloy gold with silver or copper, or silver with copper.
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