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Approve - Synonyms and Antonyms
Synonyms: Acclaim, Admire, Applaud, Appreciate, Commend, Esteem, Like, Regard highly, Respect, Accept, Advocate, Allow, Confirm, Bless, Give the green signal, Mandate
Antonyms: Blame, Censure, Condemn, Deplore, Deprecat, Disapprove, Dislike, Frown upon, Object to, Disallow, Discountenance, Veto
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Approve (v. t.) To make or show to be worthy of approbation or acceptance.
Approve (v. t.) To make profit of; to convert to one's own profit; -- said esp. of waste or common land appropriated by the lord of the manor.
Approve (v. t.) To make proof of; to demonstrate; to prove or show practically.
Approve (v. t.) To regard as good; to commend; to be pleased with; to think well of; as, we approve the measured of the administration.
Approve (v. t.) To sanction officially; to ratify; to confirm; as, to approve the decision of a court-martial.
Approve (v. t.) To show to be real or true; to prove.
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