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Cloud (n.) A collection of visible vapor, or watery particles, suspended in the upper atmosphere.
Cloud (n.) A dark vein or spot on a lighter material, as in marble; hence, a blemish or defect; as, a cloud upon one's reputation; a cloud on a title.
Cloud (n.) A great crowd or multitude; a vast collection.
Cloud (n.) A large, loosely-knitted scarf, worn by women about the head.
Cloud (n.) A mass or volume of smoke, or flying dust, resembling vapor.
Cloud (n.) That which has a dark, lowering, or threatening aspect; that which temporarily overshadows, obscures, or depresses; as, a cloud of sorrow; a cloud of war; a cloud upon the intellect.
Cloud (v. i.) To grow cloudy; to become obscure with clouds; -- often used with up.
Cloud (v. t.) To blacken; to sully; to stain; to tarnish; to damage; -- esp. used of reputation or character.
Cloud (v. t.) To darken or obscure, as if by hiding or enveloping with a cloud; hence, to render gloomy or sullen.
Cloud (v. t.) To mark with, or darken in, veins or sports; to variegate with colors; as, to cloud yarn.
Cloud (v. t.) To overspread or hide with a cloud or clouds; as, the sky is clouded.
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