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Clout (n.) A blow with the hand.
Clout (n.) A cloth; a piece of cloth or leather; a patch; a rag.
Clout (n.) A piece; a fragment.
Clout (n.) A swadding cloth.
Clout (n.) An iron plate on an axletree or other wood to keep it from wearing; a washer.
Clout (n.) The center of the butt at which archers shoot; -- probably once a piece of white cloth or a nail head.
Clout (n.) To cover with cloth, leather, or other material; to bandage; patch, or mend, with a clout.
Clout (n.) To give a blow to; to strike.
Clout (n.) To join or patch clumsily.
Clout (n.) To quard with an iron plate, as an axletree.
Clout (n.) To stud with nails, as a timber, or a boot sole.
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