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Contract - Synonyms and Antonyms
Synonyms: Agreement, Arrangement, Bargain, Bond, Commitment, Compact, Convention, Covenant, Engagement, Settlement treaty
Antonyms: Decline, Disagree, Refuse, Enlarge, Expend, Grow, Increase, Multiply, Spread, Stretch, Swell
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Contract (a.) Contracted; affianced; betrothed.
Contract (a.) Contracted; as, a contract verb.
Contract (n.) A formal writing which contains the agreement of parties, with the terms and conditions, and which serves as a proof of the obligation.
Contract (n.) The act of formally betrothing a man and woman.
Contract (n.) The agreement of two or more persons, upon a sufficient consideration or cause, to do, or to abstain from doing, some act; an agreement in which a party undertakes to do, or not to do, a particular thing; a formal bargain; a compact; an interchange of leg
Contract (n.) To betroth; to affiance.
Contract (n.) To bring on; to incur; to acquire; as, to contract a habit; to contract a debt; to contract a disease.
Contract (n.) To draw together or nearer; to reduce to a less compass; to shorten, narrow, or lessen; as, to contract one's sphere of action.
Contract (n.) To draw together so as to wrinkle; to knit.
Contract (n.) To enter into, with mutual obligations; to make a bargain or covenant for.
Contract (n.) To shorten by omitting a letter or letters or by reducing two or more vowels or syllables to one.
Contract (v. i.) To be drawn together so as to be diminished in size or extent; to shrink; to be reduced in compass or in duration; as, iron contracts in cooling; a rope contracts when wet.
Contract (v. i.) To make an agreement; to covenant; to agree; to bargain; as, to contract for carrying the mail.
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