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Crescent (a.) Increasing; growing.
Crescent (a.) Shaped like a crescent.
Crescent (n.) A representation of the increasing moon, often used as an emblem or badge
Crescent (n.) A symbol of Artemis, or Diana.
Crescent (n.) Any one of three orders of knighthood; the first instituted by Charles I., king of Naples and Sicily, in 1268; the second by Rene of Anjou, in 1448; and the third by the Sultan Selim III., in 1801, to be conferred upon foreigners to whom Turkey might be i
Crescent (n.) Anything having the shape of a crescent or new moon.
Crescent (n.) The ancient symbol of Byzantium or Constantinople.
Crescent (n.) The emblem of the increasing moon with horns directed upward, when used in a coat of arms; -- often used as a mark of cadency to distinguish a second son and his descendants.
Crescent (n.) The emblem of the Turkish Empire, adopted after the taking of Constantinople.
Crescent (n.) The increasing moon; the moon in her first quarter, or when defined by a concave and a convex edge; also, applied improperly to the old or decreasing moon in a like state.
Crescent (v. t.) To adorn with crescents.
Crescent (v. t.) To form into a crescent, or something resembling a crescent.
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