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Dictate (v. i.) To compose literary works; to tell what shall be written or said by another.
Dictate (v. i.) To speak as a superior; to command; to impose conditions (on).
Dictate (v. t.) A statement delivered with authority; an order; a command; an authoritative rule, principle, or maxim; a prescription; as, listen to the dictates of your conscience; the dictates of the gospel.
Dictate (v. t.) To say; to utter; to communicate authoritatively; to deliver (a command) to a subordinate; to declare with authority; to impose; as, to dictate the terms of a treaty; a general dictates orders to his troops.
Dictate (v. t.) To tell or utter so that another may write down; to inspire; to compose; as, to dictate a letter to an amanuensis.
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