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Disclose - Synonyms and Antonyms
Synonyms: Reveal, Uncover, Confess, Expose, Unveil, Betray, Unfold
Antonyms: Conceal, Cover, Suppress, Hide, Veil, Dissemble, Cloak
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Disclose (n.) Disclosure.
Disclose (v. t.) To lay open or expose to view; to cause to appear; to bring to light; to reveal.
Disclose (v. t.) To make known, as that which has been kept secret or hidden; to reveal; to expose; as, events have disclosed his designs.
Disclose (v. t.) To remove a cover or envelope from;; to set free from inclosure; to uncover.
Disclose (v. t.) To unclose; to open; -- applied esp. to eggs in the sense of to hatch.
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