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Entire - Synonyms and Antonyms
Synonyms: Whole, Full, Complete, Intact, Total
Antonyms: Broken, Partial, Divided, Damaged, Destroyed, Empty, Imperfect, Incomplete, Limited
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Entire (a.) Complete in all parts; undivided; undiminished; whole; full and perfect; not deficient; as, the entire control of a business; entire confidence, ignorance.
Entire (a.) Consisting of a single piece, as a corolla.
Entire (a.) Having an evenly continuous edge, as a leaf which has no kind of teeth.
Entire (a.) Internal; interior.
Entire (a.) Not gelded; -- said of a horse.
Entire (a.) Without mixture or alloy of anything; unqualified; morally whole; pure; faithful.
Entire (n.) A name originally given to a kind of beer combining qualities of different kinds of beer.
Entire (n.) Entirely.
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