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Partial - Synonyms and Antonyms
Synonyms: Unfair, Incomplete, Limited, Biased, Inequitable, Restricted, Predisposed, One-sided
Antonyms: Fair, Complete, Entire, Equitable, Disinterested, Whole, Just, Impartial
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Partial (n.) Having a predelection for; inclined to favor unreasonably; foolishly fond.
Partial (n.) Inclined to favor one party in a cause, or one side of a question, more then the other; baised; not indifferent; as, a judge should not be partial.
Partial (n.) Of, pertaining to, or affecting, a part only; not general or universal; not total or entire; as, a partial eclipse of the moon.
Partial (n.) Pertaining to a subordinate portion; as, a compound umbel is made up of a several partial umbels; a leaflet is often supported by a partial petiole.
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