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Primary - Synonyms and Antonyms
Synonyms: Best, Capital, Cardinal, Chief, Dominant, Elementary, First, Greatest, Highest, Leading, Main, Paramount, Prime, Principal, Top, Essential, Radical
Antonyms: Inferior, Lesser, Lowest, Subordinate, Supplementary, Unimportant, Ensuring, Following, Later, Secondary, Subsequent, Succeeding
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Primary (a.) Earliest formed; fundamental.
Primary (a.) First in dignity or importance; chief; principal; as, primary planets; a matter of primary importance.
Primary (a.) First in order of time or development or in intention; primitive; fundamental; original.
Primary (a.) First in order, as being preparatory to something higher; as, primary assemblies; primary schools.
Primary (a.) Illustrating, possessing, or characterized by, some quality or property in the first degree; having undergone the first stage of substitution or replacement.
Primary (n.) A primary meeting; a caucus.
Primary (n.) A primary planet; the brighter component of a double star. See under Planet.
Primary (n.) One of the large feathers on the distal joint of a bird's wing. See Plumage, and Illust. of Bird.
Primary (n.) That which stands first in order, rank, or importance; a chief matter.
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