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Purse (n.) A small bag or pouch, the opening of which is made to draw together closely, used to carry money in; by extension, any receptacle for money carried on the person; a wallet; a pocketbook; a portemonnaie.
Purse (n.) A specific sum of money
Purse (n.) A sum of money offered as a prize, or collected as a present; as, to win the purse; to make up a purse.
Purse (n.) Hence, a treasury; finances; as, the public purse.
Purse (n.) In Persia, the sum of 50 tomans.
Purse (n.) In Turkey, the sum of 500 piasters.
Purse (v. i.) To steal purses; to rob.
Purse (v. t.) To draw up or contract into folds or wrinkles, like the mouth of a purse; to pucker; to knit.
Purse (v. t.) To put into a purse.
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