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Pursue (v. i.) To follow a matter judicially, as a complaining party; to act as a prosecutor.
Pursue (v. i.) To go in pursuit; to follow.
Pursue (v. i.) To go on; to proceed, especially in argument or discourse; to continue.
Pursue (v. t.) To follow as an example; to imitate.
Pursue (v. t.) To follow with a view to overtake; to follow eagerly, or with haste; to chase; as, to pursue a hare.
Pursue (v. t.) To follow with enmity; to persecute; to call to account.
Pursue (v. t.) To proceed along, with a view to some and or object; to follow; to go in; as, Captain Cook pursued a new route; the administration pursued a wise course.
Pursue (v. t.) To prosecute; to be engaged in; to continue.
Pursue (v. t.) To seek; to use or adopt measures to obtain; as, to pursue a remedy at law.
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