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Shade (n.) A minute difference or variation, as of thought, belief, expression, etc.; also, the quality or degree of anything which is distinguished from others similar by slight differences; as, the shades of meaning in synonyms.
Shade (n.) An obscure place; a spot not exposed to light; hence, a secluded retreat.
Shade (n.) Comparative obscurity owing to interception or interruption of the rays of light; partial darkness caused by the intervention of something between the space contemplated and the source of light.
Shade (n.) Darkness; obscurity; -- often in the plural.
Shade (n.) Degree or variation of color, as darker or lighter, stronger or paler; as, a delicate shade of pink.
Shade (n.) Shadow.
Shade (n.) That which intercepts, or shelters from, light or the direct rays of the sun; hence, also, that which protects from heat or currents of air; a screen; protection; shelter; cover; as, a lamp shade.
Shade (n.) The darker portion of a picture; a less illuminated part. See Def. 1, above.
Shade (n.) The soul after its separation from the body; -- so called because the ancients it to be perceptible to the sight, though not to the touch; a spirit; a ghost; as, the shades of departed heroes.
Shade (v. t.) To mark with gradations of light or color.
Shade (v. t.) To obscure; to dim the brightness of.
Shade (v. t.) To pain in obscure colors; to darken.
Shade (v. t.) To present a shadow or image of; to shadow forth; to represent.
Shade (v. t.) To shelter or screen by intercepting the rays of light; to keep off illumination from.
Shade (v. t.) To shelter; to cover from injury; to protect; to screen; to hide; as, to shade one's eyes.
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