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Shadow (n.) A reflected image, as in a mirror or in water.
Shadow (n.) A shaded place; shelter; protection; security.
Shadow (n.) A small degree; a shade.
Shadow (n.) A spirit; a ghost; a shade; a phantom.
Shadow (n.) An imperfect and faint representation; adumbration; indistinct image; dim bodying forth; hence, mystical representation; type.
Shadow (n.) An uninvited guest coming with one who is invited.
Shadow (n.) Darkness; shade; obscurity.
Shadow (n.) Shade within defined limits; obscurity or deprivation of light, apparent on a surface, and representing the form of the body which intercepts the rays of light; as, the shadow of a man, of a tree, or of a tower. See the Note under Shade, n., 1.
Shadow (n.) That which follows or attends a person or thing like a shadow; an inseparable companion; hence, an obsequious follower.
Shadow (n.) To attend as closely as a shadow; to follow and watch closely, especially in a secret or unobserved manner; as, a detective shadows a criminal.
Shadow (n.) To cloud; to darken; to cast a gloom over.
Shadow (n.) To conceal; to hide; to screen.
Shadow (n.) To cut off light from; to put in shade; to shade; to throw a shadow upon; to overspead with obscurity.
Shadow (n.) To mark with gradations of light or color; to shade.
Shadow (n.) To protect; to shelter from danger; to shroud.
Shadow (n.) To represent faintly or imperfectly; to adumbrate; hence, to represent typically.
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