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Solemn - Synonyms and Antonyms
Synonyms: Traditional, Dignified, Grand, Grave, Majestic, Thoughtful, Ceremonial, Devotional, Pious
Antonyms: Impious, Irreligious, Sacrilegious, Irreverent
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Solemn (a.) Affectedly grave or serious; as, to put on a solemn face.
Solemn (a.) Fitted to awaken or express serious reflections; marked by seriousness; serious; grave; devout; as, a solemn promise; solemn earnestness.
Solemn (a.) Made in form; ceremonious; as, solemn war; conforming with all legal requirements; as, probate in solemn form.
Solemn (a.) Marked with religious rites and pomps; enjoined by, or connected with, religion; sacred.
Solemn (a.) Pertaining to a festival; festive; festal.
Solemn (a.) Real; earnest; downright.
Solemn (a.) Stately; ceremonious; grand.
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