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Splint (v. t.) A disease affecting the splint bones, as a callosity or hard excrescence.
Splint (v. t.) A piece split off; a splinter.
Splint (v. t.) A splint bone.
Splint (v. t.) A thin piece of wood, or other substance, used to keep in place, or protect, an injured part, especially a broken bone when set.
Splint (v. t.) One of the small plates of metal used in making splint armor. See Splint armor, below.
Splint (v. t.) Splint, or splent, coal. See Splent coal, under Splent.
Splint (v. t.) To fasten or confine with splints, as a broken limb. See Splint, n., 2.
Splint (v. t.) To split into splints, or thin, slender pieces; to splinter; to shiver.
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