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Split (a.) Divided deeply; cleft.
Split (a.) Divided; cleft.
Split (imp. & p. p.) of Split
Split (n.) A breach or separation, as in a political party; a division.
Split (n.) A crack, or longitudinal fissure.
Split (n.) A division of a stake happening when two cards of the kind on which the stake is laid are dealt in the same turn.
Split (n.) A piece that is split off, or made thin, by splitting; a splinter; a fragment.
Split (n.) Specif (Leather Manuf.), one of the sections of a skin made by dividing it into two or more thicknesses.
Split (n.) the division by a player of one hand of blackjack into two hands, allowed when the first two cards dealt to a player have the same value; the player is usually obliged to increase the amount wagered by placing a sum equal to the original bet on the new ha
Split (n.) the substitution of more than one share of a corporation's stock for one share. The market price of the stock usually drops in proportion to the increase in outstanding shares of stock. The split may be in any ratio, as a two-for-one split; a three-for-tw
Split (v. i.) To be broken; to be dashed to pieces.
Split (v. i.) To burst with laughter.
Split (v. i.) to divide one hand of blackjack into two hands, allowed when the first two cards dealt to a player have the same value.
Split (v. i.) To divulge a secret; to betray confidence; to peach.
Split (v. i.) To part asunder; to be rent; to burst; as, vessels split by the freezing of water in them.
Split (v. i.) To separate into parties or factions.
Split (v. t.) To burst; to rupture; to rend; to tear asunder.
Split (v. t.) To divide lengthwise; to separate from end to end, esp. by force; to divide in the direction of the grain layers; to rive; to cleave; as, to split a piece of timber or a board; to split a gem; to split a sheepskin.
Split (v. t.) To divide or break up into parts or divisions, as by discord; to separate into parts or parties, as a political party; to disunite.
Split (v. t.) To divide or separate into components; -- often used with up; as, to split up sugar into alcohol and carbonic acid.
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