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Spontaneous - Synonyms and Antonyms
Synonyms: Extempore, Free, Impromptu, Impulsive, Instinctive, Natural, Unbidden, Uncompelled, Unforced, Unprompted, Voluntary, Willing
Antonyms: Arranged, Calculated, Contrived, Deliberate, Forced, Mannered, Orchestrated, Planned, Premeditated, Preplanned
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Spontaneous (a.) Proceding from natural feeling, temperament, or disposition, or from a native internal proneness, readiness, or tendency, without constraint; as, a spontaneous gift or proportion.
Spontaneous (a.) Proceeding from, or acting by, internal impulse, energy, or natural law, without external force; as, spontaneous motion; spontaneous growth.
Spontaneous (a.) Produced without being planted, or without human labor; as, a spontaneous growth of wood.
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