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Voluntary - Synonyms and Antonyms
Synonyms: Gratuitous, Discretional, Intentional, Spontaneous, Willing, Unconstrained, Optional, Automatic, Instinctive
Antonyms: Enforced, Imperative, Compulsory, Automatic, Instinctive, Obligatory
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Voluntary (n.) A piece played by a musician, often extemporarily, according to his fancy; specifically, an organ solo played before, during, or after divine service.
Voluntary (n.) One who advocates voluntaryism.
Voluntary (n.) One who engages in any affair of his own free will; a volunteer.
Voluntary (v. t.) Done by design or intention; intentional; purposed; intended; not accidental; as, if a man kills another by lopping a tree, it is not voluntary manslaughter.
Voluntary (v. t.) Endowed with the power of willing; as, man is a voluntary agent.
Voluntary (v. t.) Free; without compulsion; according to the will, consent, or agreement, of a party; without consideration; gratuitous; without valuable consideration.
Voluntary (v. t.) Of or pertaining to the will; subject to, or regulated by, the will; as, the voluntary motions of an animal, such as the movements of the leg or arm (in distinction from involuntary motions, such as the movements of the heart); the voluntary muscle fibers
Voluntary (v. t.) Of or pertaining to voluntaryism; as, a voluntary church, in distinction from an established or state church.
Voluntary (v. t.) Proceeding from the will; produced in or by an act of choice.
Voluntary (v. t.) Unconstrained by the interference of another; unimpelled by the influence of another; not prompted or persuaded by another; done of his or its own accord; spontaneous; acting of one's self, or of itself; free.
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