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Steel (n.) A chalybeate medicine.
Steel (n.) A piece of steel for striking sparks from flint.
Steel (n.) A variety of iron intermediate in composition and properties between wrought iron and cast iron (containing between one half of one per cent and one and a half per cent of carbon), and consisting of an alloy of iron with an iron carbide. Steel, unlike wro
Steel (n.) A weapon, as a sword, dagger, etc.
Steel (n.) An instrument of steel (usually a round rod) for sharpening knives.
Steel (n.) An instrument or implement made of steel
Steel (n.) Fig.: Anything of extreme hardness; that which is characterized by sternness or rigor.
Steel (n.) Fig.: To cause to resemble steel, as in smoothness, polish, or other qualities.
Steel (n.) To cover, as an electrotype plate, with a thin layer of iron by electrolysis. The iron thus deposited is very hard, like steel.
Steel (n.) To make hard or strong; hence, to make insensible or obdurate.
Steel (n.) To overlay, point, or edge with steel; as, to steel a razor; to steel an ax.
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