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Steer (a.) A young male of the ox kind; especially, a common ox; a castrated taurine male from two to four years old. See the Note under Ox.
Steer (n.) A helmsman, a pilot.
Steer (n.) To direct the course of; to guide; to govern; -- applied especially to a vessel in the water.
Steer (v. i.) To be directed and governed; to take a direction, or course; to obey the helm; as, the boat steers easily.
Steer (v. i.) To conduct one's self; to take or pursue a course of action.
Steer (v. i.) To direct a vessel in its course; to direct one's course.
Steer (v. t.) A rudder or helm.
Steer (v. t.) To castrate; -- said of male calves.
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