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Ticket (v. t.) To distinguish by a ticket; to put a ticket on; as, to ticket goods.
Ticket (v. t.) To furnish with a tickets; to book; as, to ticket passengers to California.
Ticket (v.) A certificate or token of a share in a lottery or other scheme for distributing money, goods, or the like.
Ticket (v.) A certificate or token of right of admission to a place of assembly, or of passage in a public conveyance; as, a theater ticket; a railroad or steamboat ticket.
Ticket (v.) A label to show the character or price of goods.
Ticket (v.) A little note or notice.
Ticket (v.) A printed list of candidates to be voted for at an election; a set of nominations by one party for election; a ballot.
Ticket (v.) A small piece of paper, cardboard, or the like, serving as a notice, certificate, or distinguishing token of something.
Ticket (v.) A tradesman's bill or account.
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